Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day Eclipse

While parts of Indonesia saw a total annular (ring) eclipse on 26/1/2009 we here in the southern parts of Australia saw only a small nibble taken out of the Sun as the Moon's limb transited the edge of the Sun. Image: Mid eclipse from North Haven, South Australia. Canon A550 hand-held through eyepiece of Meade ETX90EC telescope fitted with solar filter. Warning. Do not try this yourself without specialist advice and equipment. Permanent damage to eyes and camera can occur. (Click on image for large version).

Click here for a gif animation - 14 images with with Pentax K100D.

The last Australia Day eclipse occurred 25/1/1963. The next will occur on 26/1/2047 (AEST)

Images: Martin Lewicki (c) 2009